I have found the Resource Planner to be an invaluable tool under PDGM. We are able to visualize immediately the operational and financial impact of discipline frequency and duration. The slowest discipline to change has been therapy as they still try to incorporate all of their visits into the first 30-days. This has been an on-going work in progress, but your planner helps us catch these up front and we see our therapists beginning to understand and conform. Additionally, the ability to identify LUPA thresholds in each billing unit is essential and your Resource Planner identifies this for every patient encounter!

Marla Matteson, RN, MBA

Director, Clinical Shared Services, BayCare HomeCare, Tampa, FL

John Reisinger served as my Vice President Of Reimbursement from 1997 through early 2008 when my partners and I sold our interests in Home Health Care Affiliates, Inc. (a company with annualized revenues in excess of $50,000,000) to one of the largest publicly held home health services provider in the country. Through those years, John developed and oversaw our very vital reimbursement protocols and was of enormous value in helping to guide field administrators in cost accounting. These very important components helped us drop more to the bottom line. Additionally, John was the corporate regulatory resource. I am confident that his complete understanding of the complex rules, federal and state, aided management at all levels attain and maintain compliance with all the program rules. He is extremely detail oriented and is able to apply that orientation in both discrete and global fashion. No one is better at helping deal with fiscal intermediaries! Any home health provider will benefit by engaging John. He is one of the better hires I ever made.
Steven J. Bell

President/CEO, Home Health Care Affiliates, Inc. Tennessee

Because Medicare has chosen to combat fraud and abuse with a one-size-fits-all-approach to cuts across the board for home health, independent agencies need to budget on each individual patient as if “your life depended on it.” I told John Reisinger, CPA, that with his “Resource Planner” he had developed a “Home Health Survival Tool” creating a process for making informed decisions by the agency. We know we might lose money on any given patient, but we need to make that a strategic decision, not a surprise ending. Surviving the cuts and onerous regulation over the next several years will allow us the opportunity to thrive in the new value-based reimbursement era.
Guy Davis, LBSW, LCDC

Director of Research and Development , Evangeline Home Health

After talking with Mr. Reisinger I’ve found him to be extremely helpful in providing me with definite steps to keep our agency profitable amidst anticipation of decreasing reimbursement. I have found Mr. Reisinger not only to be knowledgeable regarding changes in health care but he is always willing to teach and share what he knows with others. I encourage anyone that is looking for more from a CPA than just balancing books and completing cost report, but someone that performs analysis of your financial data, provides guidance on adjustments that are needed, and helps in developing a strategic plan for success, then consider contracting with Mr. Reisinger. You will be glad that you did.
Mamie Washington

Adm./CEO, Grace Independent Home Care, Inc, Texas

John has been able to provide a level of financial expertise to our operation that has enabled our management team to obtain an even better understanding of how to navigate the avalanche of new regulations to assure maximum financial performance. I highly recommend John’s services.
James Anderson, Sr.

CEO, Health Force of Indiana, Indiana

We have years of experience working with clients involved in major dysfunction within their accounting systems as well as their understanding of the Medicare accounting system. Many of our clients have a significant misunderstanding of cost analysis and Medicare cost reporting. We have found John Reisinger to be one of those rare accountants who can think “outside the box” and will always go that extra mile to share his expertise and assure Agency compliance. He is truly an industry expert.
Arlene Maxim

President, A.D. Maxim & Associates LLC, Michigan

Working with IFS for Home Health has been a great experience. John is a true professional at what he does.
Frank G.

Owner/Administrator, Ohio

I have known John Reisinger for more than 20 years as he progressed from a Medicare Intermediary auditor to a home health agency client to an independent accounting consultant to the health care industry. For all of that time I have found John to be an intelligent, conscientious, and reasonable individual who works diligently to solve the financial problems confronting health care providers.
Michael Flanagan

Healthcare Attorney , The Law Offices of E. Michael Flanagan, Washington D.C.

I first worked with John Reisinger in the late 90’s when his quick mastery of Medicare’s confusing Interim Payment System essentially saved the company we worked for from ruin. Since then, John has been the expert I turn to when an article I am preparing for my home care technology newsletter needs a clear explanation and lucid quote from a Medicare revenue expert.
Tim Rowan

Rowan Consulting Resources and the Home Care Technology Guide, Colorado

Over 3 years ago, I decided to change my career and transition from Nursing Home Administrator to owning a home health company. I was in dire need of finding someone who could help me navigate through the often confusing terrain of home health. After searching high and low for the right CPA, it was your industry knowledge coupled with your dependability and patience that separated you from the rest within your field. Your expertise within the field of home health has made the learning curve easier and has helped me build a strong financial foundation for Vital Home Care. Your extensive knowledge base with Cost Reporting, financials analysis and mergers/ acquisitions has helped to make Vital Home Care a more stable and a better strategically positioned company. I am grateful for all you have done for Vital Home Care.
Daniel A. Benson

Owner/Administrator , Vital Home Care, Florida

I wanted to take a moment to thank Innovative Financial Solutions for their wonderful tool, the Home Health Care Resource Planner.  Indiana University Health Home Care has been using this financial tool for roughly 2 years and with great success.   The Resource Planner has helped clinicians and supervisors alike to better understand the Prospective Payment system, and to respond proactively with delivery of care.  At Indiana University Health Homecare, the needs of the patient will always come first and the Resource Planner has been a tremendous asset in allowing us to meet these needs in the most efficient, effective way.  The Resource Planner enables us to “visualize” the plan of care, and how that plan aligns with our commitment to care as well as our financial goals.

In a world with ever changing Medicare regulations and cuts, we at Indiana University Health Home Care are lucky to have the Home Health Care Resource Planner to help us maintain a strong and healthy bottom line.  Thank you again for supplying such a beneficial and useful tool!

Kathy Haycraft

Coordinator Homecare HIM, Indiana University Health Home Care, Indiana

Mr. John Reisinger is a very intelligent and caring professional. He is very timely in his responses and offers very knowledgeable feedback. He has been with us for 2 years now. WE had the pleasure of flying him into Michigan to assist with our company: And we were able to correct many things and proceed forward as an agency in a much more lean and efficient manner- Ultimately in becoming more profitable.
Avis Choulagh

HHA Owner/Operator, Michigan

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What customers are saying

Tim Rowan of Rowan Consulting Resources and the Home Care Technology Guide, Colorado

. . . his quick mastery of Medicare's confusing Interim Payment System essentially saved the company we worked for from ruin.


Arlene Maxim President, A.D. Maxim & Associates LLC, Michigan

We have found John Reisinger to be one of those rare accountants who can think "outside the box". He is truly an industry expert.