Balance Quality of Service with Agency Profitability

 This App:

  • Strengthen the Correlation between the OASIS and Plan of Care
  • Improve Your Bottom Line One Episode at a Time

Optimize Your Treatment Plan while Improving Your Bottom Line!

In Home Health Care, you win (or lose) money one episode at a time. The best treatment plans balance the Patient’s needs, treatment options, and required resources. Because each episode is unique, there is no “one size fits all” solution.

The Need for Balance

Your clinical staff needs to provide each patient the care he or she deserves. At the same time, they need to ensure the financial health of the agency so you can continue providing the requisite level of care for future patients. It’s a challenging balancing act.

Give Your Staff the Tool They Need

Our Resource Planner helps your clinical staff optimize the treatment plan for the patient’s needs while being aware of the financial consequences their decisions have for your agency.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

I wanted to take a moment to thank Innovative Financial Solutions for their wonderful tool, the Home Health Care Resource Planner. Indiana University Health Home Care has been using this financial tool for roughly 2 years and with great success.

The Resource Planner has helped clinicians and supervisors alike to better understand the Prospective Payment system, and to respond proactively with delivery of care. At Indiana University Health Homecare, the needs of the patient will always come first and the Resource Planner has been a tremendous asset in allowing us to meet these needs in the most efficient, effective way.

The Resource Planner enables us to “visualize” the plan of care, and how that plan aligns with our commitment to care as well as our financial goals.

In a world with ever changing Medicare regulations and cuts, we at Indiana University Health Home Care are lucky to have the Home Health Care Resource Planner to help us maintain a strong and healthy bottom line. Thank you again for supplying such a beneficial and useful tool!

Kathy Haycraft

Coordinator, Homecare HIM, Indiana University HHC

Because Medicare has chosen to combat fraud and abuse with a one-size-fits-all-approach to cuts across the board for home health, independent agencies need to budget on each individual patient as if “your life depended on it.”

I told John Reisinger, CPA, that with his “Resource Planner” he had developed a “Home Health Survival Tool” creating a process for making informed decisions by the agency.

We know we might lose money on any given patient, but we need to make that a strategic decision, not a surprise ending.

Surviving the cuts and onerous regulation over the next several years will allow us the opportunity to thrive in the new value-based reimbursement era.

Guy Davis, LBSW, LCDC

Director of Research and Development, Evangeline Home Health


Maximize Your Return ...

How would you like to maximize your return for profitable episodes while minimizing losses for the rest? Home Health Agencies cannot make a profit on every case/episode; that is the nature of the Industry. However, by optimizing resource utilization per episode, your clinicians can increase your agency’s profitability without sacrificing quality of service.

... by Projecting Profit or Loss ...

Innovative Financial Solutions for Home Health (IFS) offers this new and innovative app for planning episodes of care while simultaneously predicting the financial outcome. The app uses your agency’s financial data and contracted revenues from a designated payor.

... In Mere Minutes!

Given a HIPPS code and/or HHRG data, your clinician can complete a plan in 1 – 2 minutes. These few minutes of effort at the beginning of the episode can help you realize potential profits you have been missing while better managing resource utilization for all episodes of care. This tool helps clinical staff configure the right plan at the right price – a win-win.


The HHA Resource Planner is a web-app that encourages your clinicians and therapists (aka Case Managers) to envision the best and most efficient approach for providing the appropriate level of care for each and every patient while considering the financial ramifications of those options.

It allows for an unlimited number of “what ifs” to identify the financial impact for potential treatment options. This approach teaches and reinforces the financial discipline for your case managers and field staff without restricting their care plans.

There will still be episodes that are under-resourced, and as such, will generate losses. However, consistent use of the Resource Planner will increase your staff’s understanding of the financial ramifications for the projected resource usage. That will increase the likelihood of maximizing profits to the extent reasonably possible.

The app does not make them financial managers of care (i.e., the old HMO approach), but gives case managers a better understanding of the financial impact of their decisions. Quality care is still the primary driver, but an understanding of the financial impact of their decisions takes case managers to a whole new level of care and resource oversight.


  • Uses agency-specific costs and revenues (revenues based on Payor; costs are based on the agency’s financials)
  • Allows for branch-specific Cost-Per-Visits (CPVs) for each discipline (can be updated as needed)
  • Enhances your agency’s ability to achieve and maintain positive financial results for episodes
  • Maximizes your return on episodes which can be profitable
  • Minimizes and manages losses for episodes that cannot not be profitable
  • Indicates LUPA when applicable
  • Indicates whether or not the projected therapy visits are within the acceptable range for the PPS Equations
  • Projects episode Profit/Loss based on planned resource usage
  • Uses branch cost data versus agency average cost data to more accurately predict financial results
  • Enables your agency to readily identify the estimated financial results of episodes up front
  • Provides a great case-management tool to assist in the reviews comparing projected resource needs to the actual resources used
  • Augments your agency’s ability to identify strengths and weaknesses in their staff’s ability to accurately complete the OASIS
    (a useful tool when the continual training of staff on OASIS and the art/skill of delivering quality care in the home setting)
  • Enhances your ability to achieve a more consistent approach to treating “like-kind” episodes
  • Builds a history of resource plans as a foundation for financial analysis and improvement
  • Requires only a few minutes at the beginning of an episode
  • Works for all payors that follow the Per Visit or PPS methodology, including Medicare Advantage payors that follow PPS but pay at discounted rates


Empower your case managers to become
the front-line for protecting your bottom-line!

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