The Home Health Care Resource Planner

This user-friendly program will enable your agency to readily identify the estimated financial results for any/all episodes of care regardless of Payor at the beginning of the episode.

The Home Health Care Resource Planner

[green_note]We here at IFS are excited to introduce our new program:The Home Health Care Resource Planner. [/green_note]

This new and innovative program, specific to the Home Health Industry, has been designed to assist agencies to project the financial results for any given episode of care, regardless of Payor. This tool uses the revenues as designated by the Payor and costs as identified by the agency.  These costs are entered into the program as a Cost per Visit (CPV) by the agency (and can be changed as often as the agency deems necessary). This user-friendly program only takes minutes (1-3) to complete, and allows your staff to perform numerous ‘what-if’ scenarios to consider the projected impact of these various scenarios.  Additionally, this program was created to be used for projecting Medicare and non-Medicare episodes of care, so regardless of your Payor-mix, you will find this a useful operational tool. 

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    Features: [pin_list]

    • Branch-specific Costs-Per-Visit
    • Updates synced with regulatory change
    • Agency-wide licensing


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