John M. Reisinger, Principal of Innovative Financial Solutions for Home Health (IFS), has over 32 years of experience in the financial and healthcare markets with 24 years in home health.

John Reisinger is a Member of HCAFJohn has always been a strong proponent of financial discipline and understanding as well as an advocate of bringing the clinical and financial aspects of the business together to work in unison to harness the synergies long lacking in our industry.  He successfully utilized these synergies with the home health agencies he worked with to help improve their overall operations such that from FYE 12/31/01 thru FYE 12/31/07, those agencies were able to realize strong, double-digit returns on revenue throughout that 7-year span.

During the years 1992 through 1996, John was learning the rules and regulations of the industry as well as learning how to review and analyze their operations and financials while employed as an auditor with the Fiscal Intermediary Aetna.

From 1997, John has worked in the home health industry, with home health agencies.  He has worked in the Cost-Based era and was instrumental in leading a group of home health agencies through the transitional periods of the Interim Payment System (IPS) and the Prospective Payment System (PPS).  He had developed transitional budgets for both IPS and PPS for the agencies he worked with prior to the Final Regulations being published (for both IPS & PPS) and all those companies budgeted projections were within 5% of their actual results. 

Coaching and consulting for Home Health AgencyJohn is a strong proponent of the ‘coaching approach’ of providing consulting services.  He believes that it is better to train agency staff than to try to tie a client into a long-term contract.  However, this does not mean that he does not believe that there can be a long-term relationship.  John feels that if you treat the client right and ensure that they feel that they are receiving benefits in excess of their costs (a value-based approach), they will return in the future as needs dictate, thereby establishing that long-term relationship.

Benefits that IFS brings to the relationship:

  • Strong Financial/Analytical skills
  • Can provide customizable solutions
  • Can Train staff
  • Strong background in internal auditing and financial administration
  • Experienced trainer of corporate staff
  • Superior budgeting/cost accounting skills in service industry
  • Maintains ‘big-picture’ perspective whilst working with the details

Mr. Reisinger has developed and implemented IPS and PPS specific budgets to better project and measure the financial/operational aspects of the home health agencies serviced. These budgets (currently, the PPS version) have dramatically altered the budget process for these agencies, in that they more closely match revenues and expenses with the drivers of those revenues and expenses. These budgets therefore become a much more valuable tool from which to measure your year-to-date actual results with, as well as for forecasting the remainder of the year. And, if utilized in conjunction with sound and strong financial analysis models, will help you and your agency(s) attain the best possible results.