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Improve Your Bottom Line One Patient Episode at a Time!

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  • Identify the projected financial results of episodes up front versus after the fact
  • Provide a great case-management tool to compare projected to actual resource usage
  • Achieve and maintain positive financial results for projected episodes
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Effective Patient-Budgeting Is the Key

Since we in home health must continue to do even more with less, becoming more efficient and cost effective is a MUST for survival and growth. Powerful business tools, expert advice and keen insight are how today’s agencies will achieve this goal. Having robust business tools for decision making is no longer reserved for the most sophisticated agencies. Innovative Financial Solutions for Home Health can provide you with a tool in a very affordable, stand-alone solution that is quick and easy to set up and use and can make a significant impact on your operational results. It is called The Resource Planner and in as little as one to two minutes it can provide a degree of control and accuracy in patient-budgeting that cannot be found anywhere else in the industry. This is patient budgeting done right.

At Indiana University Health Homecare, the needs of the patient will always come first …we are lucky to have the Home Health Care Resource Planner to help us maintain a strong and healthy bottom line.




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What Others Are Saying

Because Medicare has chosen to combat fraud and abuse with a one-size-fits-all-approach to cuts across the board for home health, independent agencies need to budget on each individual patient as if “your life depended on it.” I told John Reisinger, CPA, that with his “Resource Planner” he had developed a “Home Health Survival Tool” creating a process for making informed decisions by the agency. We know we might lose money on any given patient, but we need to make that a strategic decision, not a surprise ending. Surviving the cuts and onerous regulation over the next several years will allow us the opportunity to thrive in the new value-based reimbursement era.

I wanted to take a moment to thank Innovative Financial Solutions for their wonderful tool, the Home Health Care Resource Planner. Indiana University Health Home Care has been using this financial tool for roughly 2 years and with great success. The Resource Planner has helped clinicians and supervisors alike to better understand the Prospective Payment system, and to respond proactively with delivery of care. At Indiana University Health Homecare, the needs of the patient will always come first and the Resource Planner has been a tremendous asset in allowing us to meet these needs in the most efficient, effective way. The Resource Planner enables us to “visualize” the plan of care, and how that plan aligns with our commitment to care as well as our financial goals. In a world with ever changing Medicare regulations and cuts, we at Indiana University Health Home Care are lucky to have the Home Health Care Resource Planner to help us maintain a strong and healthy bottom line. Thank you again for supplying such a beneficial and useful tool!

Still not sure?


  • The days of generous reimbursement rates are over;
  • Reimbursement rates continue to drop (9th year in a row with significant cuts);
  • Rebasing will ensure at least three more years of significant cuts (through CY2017);
  • The industry is evolving and becoming more sophisticated;
  • Financial/Operational & trend analysis; all forms of budgeting, etc… are becoming more commonplace throughout the industry; and
  • The agencies that adopt and utilize these sound business practices are generally becoming (or are) market leaders in their service areas.


In light of the current environment in home health the industry cannot afford to continue to operate the way it has for the last 20+ years. So what can an agency do that’s going to be economical for that agency and yet have the ability to make a significant positive impact on the agency’s operations and bottom-line? Effective accurate patient-budgeting is the answer!

Patient Budgeting for Home Health Agencies

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Low-Cost, Easy To Use

The HHC Resource Planner is a tool that is a low-cost, extremely easy to set-up and use asset that has the potential (if used properly) to make a significant positive impact on your operations and your bottom-line (without negatively impacting your quality outcomes). The Resource Planner allows an HHA to have a more dynamic approach to running its business. This is a very affordable stand-alone program that you can literally learn to use in less than 10 minutes. It only takes one or two minutes to budget an episode and it provides a degree of control and accuracy that does not exist anywhere else in the industry.

Designed for Home Healthcare Agencies

This type of patient budgeting has not been commercially available before in this industry. This is not some add-on component to some already existing software that was designed for other purposes; this is a patient-budgeting tool that was designed specifically for the home health industry and was designed in such a way that its ease of use belies its inherent sophistication. This is what proper patient-budgeting enables an agency to do: positively impact its own bottom-line in a proactive manner!

One more thing: the Resource Planner will work for ANY payor that reimburses via the “PPS” or the “Per Visit” methodology; not JUST Medicare!

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So, why not watch this video and take that next step to help your agency realize what a difference such a small change can make.

Contact us so we can soon begin to help you positively impact your agency and its bottom-line.

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