Interim C-suite Assistance
for Home Health Agencies

Interim AssistanceInterim C-suite Assistance is a niche and specialized, albeit temporary service that IFS4hh offers. Temporary in that it tends to be a short-term, not a long-term engagement. This is especially helpful for new and/or younger agencies that have a good grasp of the clinical side of the business, but less so on the financial operations side; especially from a big-picture perspective. And, for home health, that experience must be in home health due to its uniqueness; something that many hospital-based HHAs can tell you about. 

Temporary management-level expertise

Temporary management-level expertise for home health care providersHowever, many long-tenured organizations often need this type of assistance as well because they have either lost, or never really had this type of management-level experience and expertise that is specific to the home health industry and they are growing to a size that that expertise is now a requisite for continued long-term success.

John’s 30+ years of home health and hospice experience, with the last 25+ years at the C-suite level can help you overcome whatever adversity you are currently facing while helping create a foundation to enable your agency to successfully manage the changes in home health and/or hospice as they continue to evolve. There are many services that John can and does offer on a continual, recurring basis, such as cost report preparation, financial-operational analyses, budgeting (from annual agency budgets do to individual patient encounters), to special projects, etc… Therefore, even though this C-suite engagement is of a limited duration, John is fully versed in and continues to work with the details and as such simultaneously considers the impacts of C-suite decisions at the detail/employee level, and vice-versa.

Financial fundamentals for cost reportingAddress Specific Issues to Improve Financial Results

As noted, the Interim C-suite Assistance is a short-term, 20+ hour a week engagement, generally for a 3 to 6-month time frame to address specific issues identified by ownership/management to help the agency improve their overall financial/operational results.  This generally is due to a sudden loss of financial leadership due to various issues, or the agency growing significantly enough in size that the lack of home health/hospice expertise that they were able to overcome in the early years is now becoming an impediment to success and must now be found.  John works with the agency to establish the business and operational fundamentals that most agencies are lacking so that when the full-time C-suite employee is found, that person can carry the momentum forward for that agency, whilst always having John as a resource to fall back on if the need should arise.

Known struggles for agencies

Two Big Issues That Tend to Recur With Struggling Agencies Are:

1) The lack of a home health specific Chart of Accounts (CoA)

This is the norm for most new and younger home health agencies (i.e., < than 10 years old), and also many older, established HHAs that have had financial leadership from individuals that lack significant home health experience prior to obtaining their leadership position. Generally, this happens because most start-up HHAs engage with local CPAs that may know bookkeeping and taxes, do not know the home health (or hospice) industry. Your CoA (aka, the General Ledger or G/L) is the foundational backbone of your agency’s financial reporting and analytical capabilities. A sub-par CoA can actually become an impediment to an agency’s success, and management may never realize that’s one of the biggest obstacles that they must overcome; and it’s an obstacle that they created themselves.

2) Financial/operational leadership that does not have extensive experience in the home health and/or hospice industries (particularly home health)

I note “particularly home health” as it is very distinct from any other segment of health care, and as such, really requires expertise from someone that grew-up in home health and understands the vagaries of home health compared to hospitals, SNFs, etc… and can, in a manner of speaking, translate these differences so that management can understand and make the best decisions possible for the agency.  If you have good financial managers, but they lack home health expertise, John can help bridge that gap and empower those financial managers to lead you and your agency forward successfully for many years to come.  As referenced earlier, this is a common issue with hospital-based HHAs.

Your turn-around specialist to change for goodOn Board as a Turn-Around Specialist

In more significant/dire situations, John can be engaged as a part/full-time employee (again, for a limited duration: generally 3-6 months) to come on board as a turn-around specialist. These engagements tend to be more intensive during their duration as agencies generally only reach out for this type of assistance when their ability to survive is very much in question. Engaging John as an Interim employee can considerably reduce the cost incurred for this service because of the guaranteed hours for a given period of time (generally in 3-month increments). He can and will also do this via a consulting agreement should the client desire, but this does come at a higher cost to the client.

If you need some assistance because you are not achieving the desired operational and/or financial results; for whatever reason, please reach out to John to discuss what options might be available to you to change the course of your organization and move towards a successfully tomorrow.

The call and discussion are free, and it might just change your future: for the good!

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Tim Rowan of Rowan Consulting Resources and the Home Care Technology Guide, Colorado

. . . his quick mastery of Medicare's confusing Interim Payment System essentially saved the company we worked for from ruin.


Arlene Maxim President, A.D. Maxim & Associates LLC, Michigan

We have found John Reisinger to be one of those rare accountants who can think "outside the box". He is truly an industry expert.