Cost Reporting
for Home Health Agencies

cost reporting for home health agenciesInnovative Financial Solutions for Home Health (IFS) has 20+ years of Cost Reporting experience and expertise obtained over the years while working with/for the Fiscal Intermediary as well as for a very successful home health care corporation/chain. One immediate benefit that IFS will provide its’ clients is immediate relief of resource time and effort that the agency can now allocate to more timely and productive activities.

IFS performs the following tasks when preparing your Cost Reports:

  • Print the cost report
  • Produce and print the Electronic Cost Report (ECR)
  • Reconcile your financial statements to the cost report
  • Reconcile the Provider Summary Report (PS&R) to the cost report
  • Assist with the preparation of the Program Reimbursement Questionnaire (PRQ)
  • Prepare a checklist for the documentation to be submitted with the cost report

However, there is more to our services than just the preparation of your Cost Report(s), IFS provides key indicators extracted from your cost report(s) in a clear and concise format for Management.

The key indicators include:

  • Medicare profit margin compared to Actual profit margin
  • Average profit or loss by episode
  • Average cost per episode
  • Average number of visits per episode
  • Average number of visits per FTE by discipline
  • The number and % of episodes by type (i.e, Full w/no Outlier; Full w/Outlier; PEP, etc…)
  • The overhead cost allocation ratio (Medicare vs. Actual)
  • Cost to charge ratio
  • and more

Help Me Establish Key Performance Indicators from My Cost Reports

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What customers are saying

Tim Rowan of Rowan Consulting Resources and the Home Care Technology Guide, Colorado

. . . his quick mastery of Medicare's confusing Interim Payment System essentially saved the company we worked for from ruin.


Arlene Maxim President, A.D. Maxim & Associates LLC, Michigan

We have found John Reisinger to be one of those rare accountants who can think "outside the box". He is truly an industry expert.