Financial Analysis / Cost Accounting
for Home Health Agencies

Cost accounting for Home Health agenciesInnovative Financial Solutions for Home Health (IFS) offers a wide-range of Cost Accounting/Financial Analysis services. We can help increase your company’s financial discipline through the use of the best in Cost Accounting/Financial Analysis techniques and models. IFS offers years of Financial Modeling skills and expertise applicable to the Home Health industry.

Financial Modeling and Cost Accounting techniques are the backbone of the Financial Analysis services that IFS will bring to your unique situation. Our methodology reviews your revenues AND expenses to provide maximum value. Although some value can be obtained by considering just revenues or expenses, maximum value can only be realized when they are reviewed in correlation with each other. The Cost Accounting techniques used in the Analysis presents your actual results in the most effective format for management review. This includes presenting Direct Costs on a ‘Per Visit’ basis, which we feel is the most insightful for review.

Whereas ‘Financial Analysis’ was once a buzzword in the home health industry, it has become a basic building block for most of the highly successful businesses.  IFS can help you build and strengthen this foundation by crafting agency or company specific Financial Models that allow multiple levels of analysis based on your wants and/or needs.

IFS offers these Cost Accounting and Financial Analysis Services:

  • Prepare Cost Accounting Models (General to Company specific)
  • Incorporate Multi-Level Financial Analysis into the Cost Accounting Models
  • Train your staff in the Cost Accounting Approach to reviewing financials
  • Tie Financial Analysis results into the Budget-to-Actual Review
  • Train your staff to use financial analysis results to create a Budget
  • Identify financial strengths and areas of opportunity for improvement of your bottom line
  • Identify benchmarks that you can use to assess your company’s financial health

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What customers are saying

Tim Rowan of Rowan Consulting Resources and the Home Care Technology Guide, Colorado

. . . his quick mastery of Medicare's confusing Interim Payment System essentially saved the company we worked for from ruin.


Arlene Maxim President, A.D. Maxim & Associates LLC, Michigan

We have found John Reisinger to be one of those rare accountants who can think "outside the box". He is truly an industry expert.