The Revised Conditions of Participation for Home Health

On January 13, 2017, CMS had published in the Federal Register the revised and updated Conditions of Participation for Home Health.

New, Revised Conditions of Participation for Home Health


These new, revised Conditions of Participation (CoP’s) for Home Health (HH) were in the making for a long, long time; over a decade.  CMS has made numerous and significant changes to the CoP’s.  As an advocate for this industry, I am including a ‘bookmarked‘ PDF copy of this rule in this blog that you can download to assist with your review of these changes.  See the following:

These HH CoP’s are scheduled to become effective January 13, 2018.

Additionally, CMS has issued their Interpretative Guidelines for the new, revised HH CoP’s.  I am also including a link to access and download a ‘bookmarked‘ copy of CMS’ CoP’s for HH Interpretive Guidelines:


This is not an area of my expertise, yet it is an important issue for all HHA owners and operators, and I have therefore bookmarked these two documents for any/all in this industry to use.  Hopefully, these two ‘bookmarked‘ documents will assist with your review and understanding of the new and revised CoP’s for HH.